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Welcome to the SpecialsToday Blog!

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Hey everybody.

Karim (pronounced “Kareem”) here from SpecialsToday introducing you to our new blog. We plan to use this tool as a way to keep you informed on the latest and greatest news about SpecialsToday.  You’ll also find us posting some great deals and promotions that we know about taking place in the Nation’s Capital, so you might find yourself saving a few bucks just be reading this.  Just so you know, I’ve never written a blog before and I’m kind of new to this whole blogosphere fad so excuse me if I sound like a Newbie.

Anyhoo, we hope you like our new site!  As some of you may know we recently changed over from our old site   There’s a few reasons why we changed the name, mostly business related, but if you’re really curious drop me a line and I’ll enlighten you.

You may have noticed some of the new features we’ve added.   First and foremost, we’ve given the site a total facelift.  We think the new interface is much more intuitive and looks a lot better.   Among other things you’ll now notice:

  • Logos, pictures and menus
  • Drink Specials
  • OC Transpo Directions
  • GPS iPhone application (finds specials based on your location, really cool if you have an iPhone or looking for a new reason to get one)
  • You can now sort deals based on your address
  • Special events at your favourite restaurants, bars and clubs!

Now that our site is a whole lot better, we plan to add a lot more deals in the coming months.   In case you didnt know all of the deals and coupons you see are posted by the business owner’s themselves, so it does take some extra time lagtime from when we find out about deals to when they actually get listed.

Anyways sorry if you were duped in reading this by clicking the “Mystery Link”, we like to mess around sometimes and keep things fun.


Karim (”Kareem”)